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Yoga on Demand - Badassery at Home Frequently asked Questions: 

Frequently asked questions: 

Q: How many videos are uploaded in the library each week? 

A: Up to three.


Q: Will I have access to the full library of videos each week?

A: Yes


Q: How long are the videos?

A: 15 - 90 minutes.


Q: Will I have instant access to the Yoga On Demand library?

A: Yes


Q: Do I have access to Jenni Sol with my subscription? 

A: Absolutely! You may always email Jenni Sol for support and questions. 


Q: What do I need to begin?

A: You need a computer, tablet, or phone, a small home or office space to practice in, your favorite yoga mat, and comfortable clothing to begin. 


Q: What other things would be nice to have?

A: Water, a towel, yoga strap (a belt, scarf, or long sock can work too!) yoga blocks, (pillows and thick books can work too!), pillows, an accessible wall or chair (for inversions and drills), and anything else you feel you need for an awesome experience. 


Q: What happens if I cancel my subscription?

A: You will have access to videos until your subscription payment cycle ends. 

"I love that you always incorporate not only the stretches and poses that your students think we need (e.g., pigeon ) but also those that we may not realize we need, such as other ways to stretch and strengthen the glutes or an extra set up 5 push-ups to leave us feeling confident and strong! I also love your positive and enthusiastic spirit. Your classes are simultaneously the most challenging and the most fun yoga classes I've ever taken. You continually challenge your students physically, yet somehow keep us smiling and connecting with our deepest selves in the midst of the work."

~Bailey, student


Zoom links will be emailed to registered participants before class time.

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