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Recipe to Be a Yoga Badass

Did you know that 52% of American Yoga Practitioners report they practice because they love feeling physically and mentally stronger?

I'm down with that.

I also know just by working with thousands of students we are also BUSY AS HELL most of the time and have difficulty getting in our practices on the daily. (I see you, I AM you.)

Because of this, I am working hard at developing content that busy professionals and yoga lovers (like YOU!) need.

So far from this questionnaire, I've heard you need more of the following (please fill out the yoga survey if you haven't already - and get entered for a chance to win a free private session - SURVEY CLOSES APRIL 10, 2023):

1. Short morning or lunch-time live classes

2. More strength-based classes

3. More opportunities for inversion training

4. Yin Yoga for relaxation

5. Yoga I can do on my own time, at my convenience

Becoming a Yoga Badass is MUCH easier than you might think.

I've developed a guide for you to follow - I call it the 'Yoga Badass Life Recipe'

Here's the Recipe to be a Yoga Badass:

1. Take 1-2 60-minute yoga classes each week, live or on-demand (I currently offer this)

2. Take 1-2 15-30 minute classes each week, live or on-demand (I am currently developing these!)

3. Plan one thing each day that makes you feel inspired (what does this look like for you?)

4. Register for an intensive course you can do on your own time once each season to keep the inspiration and accountability in check (Handstands or Ashtanga, anyone?)

5. Make sure you take time off each week, and literally focus on active resting. I go for hikes or walks, or clean my house on 'off days', just as an example. Other days I need a LOT more sleep so I look for opportunities to take quick naps or sleep a few minutes extra in the morning.

6. Join a group that specifically gives you what you want - including challenges, drills, and extras, AND an amazing yoga community who are all busy-as-hell-yoga-lovers just like YOU!


The Yoga Badass Recipe For Success is YOURS when you join our Yoga Badass Community. Becoming a part of the community is FREE - there are free shorter classes, drills, and tips as a way for you to begin.

Should you decide you want more out of your practice, there are other ways to work with me: 1:1 Private Intensive Sessions, awesome Yoga Courses, and Yoga Teacher Mentorship.


I'm currently developing a special membership just for people who are too busy to commit to 5-days a week long yoga classes. Stay tuned.

Yoga on Demand: Badassery at Home

In the meantime, I'm launching my YOGA ON DEMAND: BADASSERY AT HOME, $47/ month.

*It's a collection of pre-recorded videos that will give you what you need - on your own time.

*From 5 - 90 Minute videos to choose from, you can be guaranteed to find something each day to keep you inspired and excited to move!

I'm sharing all this because I know how freaking busy you are. Let's keep our yoga practice going, even on our craziest days.

I'm here with you, doing it too.

So much love,

Jenni Sol

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