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Introducing the Yoga Badass Academy Teacher's Bootcamp! Are you ready to FINALLY FEEL CONFIDENT and take your yoga practice and teaching skills to the next level? In this 8-week course, we're diving deep into the foundations and unleashing the real badassery behind yoga poses that will rock your world!


Imagine learning a deeper way of thinking, teaching, and practicing yoga that will completely transform your approach. We're leaving no stone unturned as we explore forward folds, twists, backbends, balance poses (yes, even arm balances!), inversions, and everything in between. This is your opportunity to truly get to know your body and mind like never before.


The Yoga Badass Academy Teacher's Bootcamp is designed to make you feel empowered, incredibly strong, and supremely confident in your teaching abilities. We're not just skimming the surface - we're putting in the work to ensure you become a true master of your craft.


This comprehensive program goes beyond the physical aspects of yoga. We'll break down pranayama (breathing techniques) and meditation, giving you the tools to create transformative experiences for yourself and your students. As part of the experience, we'll embark on a captivating journey into yoga philosophy through the book "Yamas & Niyamas" by Deborah Adele.


Each week, we'll delve into a new section of the book, allowing you to deepen your understanding and appreciation of yoga philosophy. Feel free to devour the content at your own pace and watch as your confidence in teaching soars to new heights. Your students will be blown away by the wisdom and insight you bring to your classes.


Are you ready to embrace your inner Yoga Badass? Join us in the Yoga Badass Academy Teacher's Bootcamp and unlock the true potential of your yoga practice and teaching. Don't miss this opportunity to become the confident, knowledgeable, and inspiring yoga teacher you've always aspired to be. Get it NOW! 


This 1:1 opportunity is very limited. Email to set up a time to talk about start dates that work for you. 

Yoga Badass Teacher's Bootcamp

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$1,197.00 Regular Price
$997.00Sale Price
  • This course is intended for yoga teachers who want to deepen their practices while honing their skill set to be the best damn teachers possible. This course is also intended for yoga practitioners who want to deepen their practices but aren't sure how to. 

    Because yoga is life, this course is for all levels and abilities. There may be things that are challenging or out of reach for some. This course is only intended as a guide, and with your purchase you agree to using it as such. 


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