Yoga Teacher Mentorship &

Wellness Business Accelerator Program, 2023

Feel EMPOWERED in your practice again

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Work with us


in your practice - and in your life - again

in your practice again

TAKE YOUR POWER BACK - find joy along your yoga journey today

The more fun you can have, the deeper the connection to, and inspiration you will feel in maintaining your yoga journey. Don’t just let days go by without finding your center. Let my teachings inspire you, refresh you, and prepare you for life.

Gain expert attention through:

*Group Classes

*Private Intensive Package: a 1:1 coaching container

*The Yoga Badass Academy Programs

*Yoga Teacher Mentorship Program & Wellness Business Accelerator

Feel good in your body again, and recommit to YOUR JOURNEY.


Working with me requires your desire for a lifechanging practice..

A commitment (or recommitment!) to YOU. Once you say YES to YOU, we can look at all the options available to help you achieve your goals and get you back on your journey forward. From beginners to advanced practitioners who’ve fallen off their path, and new yoga teachers needing a better approach to growth, I help empower you once again.


Work with me to decide which path you will take.

You might choose LIVE classes in Ashtanga, Power Yoga, HIIT Yoga, or Yin Yoga; or a subscription to Yoga On Demand if you can’t make it to live classes. Dive deeper into a masterclass or intensive course of study, or perhaps you choose the Private Intensive Package of services, or Wellness Business Accelerator & Yoga Teacher Mentorship as your way home.

Either way, everything is tailored to meet your individual needs and help you be accountable to YOU.


Be prepared to have your life changed one step at a time.

Feel inspired, held, and supported by Jenni Sol and our community as you learn more about yoga, spirituality, & your own journey than you’ve ever dreamed. Most offerings are held in a hybrid space - that means no matter where you live, you can access real transformation with a REAL professional who is here for YOU.

Jenni Sol Yoga is the premier place to level up your yoga practice.

Whether it's committing to more yoga classes or stepping up and joining the challenges and special classes, any yoga practitioner will find a space to thrive here. Classes are accessible for all levels of ability - whether you're a beginner yogi or an advanced practitioner, Jenni will offer cues and suggestions for every student to meet their needs in real time. Jenni herself is accessible too -- she is the serious, challenging teacher when you want to level up, an encouraging coach when you lose your confidence, and a playful friend when something is just not going right and all you can do is laugh! She will meet you where you are and where you want to be. Jenni's broad and deep yoga experience will assure anyone who practices with her that they are in good hands. Classes and programs are affordable and Jenni is very generous with her time - she has consistently made herself available to students outside of class.


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Do you love yoga classes?

Jenni Sol LIVE: Ashtanga, Power Yoga, Power UP (HIIT Yoga) & Yin Yoga Classes

Online & In-Person

Practice daily with our community. Each month has a set theme where each class can be taken as a one-off, but will build upon the prior week's classes. Join the Ashtanga Mysore program (sessions each semester), or take Ashtanga Plus, Power Yoga, Power UP, and Yin Yoga classes - all tailored around a monthly theme.

Who is this for?

These classes are for yogis & yoginis who:

  • Have at least one year yoga practice,
  • Are looking for routine intermediate-level classes that all build on each other, while still honoring slower days and rest,
  • Desire a practice that is holistic and weaves in yoga philosophy and tradition,
  • Want to have FUN in a fantastic community of like-minded individuals.


Practitioners are expected to have:

  • The desire to show up and be open to new experiences,
  • A desire to learn about yoga through a traditional lens,
  • A strong commitment to their own transformation in a fun, joyful way,
  • Openness to suggestions and modifications for advancement (which sometimes means taking a few steps back to relearn basic concepts for mastery).

Who is this NOT for?

These classes are NOT for students who:

  • Flirt with yoga - the ‘armchair enthusiasts’,
  • Don’t have an existing desire to commit,
  • Are not ready to deeply study asana and philosophy,
  • Don’t want to have fun or feel calm - and safe - again.


  • 10-Class Pass $169
  • 20-Class Pass $260
  • Unlimited Monthly Membership $119

Results you can expect

By committing to YOU with Jenni Sol, you can expect:

  • To feel strong, flexible, and empowered by your practice,
  • To feel good in your body and mind again,
  • To be challenged but reignited, excited to come back again and again,
  • To learn so much more than what other yoga studios offer.

Ready to take the next step?


Yoga On Demand - Shala at Home: Get NEW videos each week to try!

Can’t make it to a live class? I’ve got you covered! Try the NEW Video Subscription Membership and take classes anywhere!

Who is this for?

The Yoga on Demand membership is for students who:

  • Can’t make it to a live class and need access to Jenni Sol to be easier,
  • Want to develop a home practice you can say YES to,
  • Are seriously pumped about doing classes when they want, wherever they want!


  • All you need is a small space, a yoga mat, and a desire to practice,
  • 3-Month minimum commitment, cancel at anytime afterwards,
  • Auto-pay required.

Results you can expect

Register NOW and get:

  • All-access pass to weekly pre-recorded Power, Yin, and Ashtanga classes,
  • A yoga practice all the time, anytime, at your convenience,
  • Access to the full library of videos plus new ones each week!


Get access to NEW Power, Yin, and Ashtanga Yoga classes each week for just $47/month, cancel anytime.

Ready to DIVE IN?


Yoga Badass Academy ONLINE

Deepen your understanding of a variety of yoga skills through yoga courses - study Ashtanga, learn inversions and handstands, find sustainability and get strong AND powerful in the process.

Who is this for?

The Yoga Badass Academy is for people who:

  • Want to develop a new understanding of the skills and techniques involved in more advanced yoga practice,
  • Desire a deeper level of learning about yoga philosophy,
  • Crave more than just asana - dive into meditation and pranayama,
  • Be involved in an intensive experience with a core group of like-minded practitioners who crave a greater knowledge base moving forward.


In order to attend one of these programs, you must:

  • Apply for acceptance
  • Show up and be prepared,
  • Commit to homework and other additional practices,
  • Earn a certificate of completion at the conclusion of the program (yoga teachers: earn YTT credits!)

Results you can expect

In The Yoga Badass Academy you will:

  • Find goal-oriented, actionable classes that keep you inspired and moving,
  • Be given intermediate to advanced level teachings,
  • Feel great about your knowledge and consistency in practice overall,
  • Yoga ON DEMAND in Courses in Ashtanga Studies, Handstands & Power Challenge, Yoga Teacher Mentorship


Payment plans and pre-recorded courses available | In-Person courses offered once each year.

  • Ashtanga Studies: Offered as 3-Week Intensive or 3-Month Course $1297
  • Handstands & Power Challenge: Offered as a 6-Week course $997
  • Yoga Teacher Mentorship & Coaching: Offered as an 8-Week course $1497



Private Yoga & Accountability Sessions

Tailoring the Practice to YOUR Needs.

Private Yoga Sessions are designed to be exactly what YOU need: work through stress, healing, or simply reigniting your commitment to YOU again, and have fun in the process. Get daily accountability text check-ins. Please note: 1:1 space is extremely limited.

Who is this for?

Private Yoga & Accountability Sessions are for individuals who:

  • Desire a home yoga practice or advancement that fits YOUR needs,
  • Need to be held accountable and take actionable steps each week,
  • Want to work with a Yoga Professional to advance and develop skills,
  • Enjoy the one-on-one atmosphere and want individual attention.


In order to work with me, please:

  • Be committed to your learning and practice,
  • Be prepared to be held accountable,
  • Be excited to develop a home practice, and yoga habits you’ll love,
  • Be ready to invest in your transformation.

Who is this NOT for?

Private Yoga & Accountability Sessions are NOT for those who:

  • Cannot commit to showing up to our appointments,
  • Don’t care about the individual attention or detail that provides,
  • Don’t need to develop a home practice, or additional skills to keep themselves safe,
  • Only want yoga out of convenience, not out of desire to transform.


  • Solo session 60 minutes $95
  • 3-Class Pack $275
  • 5-Class Pack $425
  • 10-Class Pack $840

Results you can expect

By working with me in the Private Yoga sphere, you can expect:

  • Tons of suggestions for improvement and advancement,
  • Modifications to the practice that attend to YOU and YOUR individual needs,
  • Accountability - we will set up a plan to hold you to your practice,
  • To create a solid home practice through safe, sustainable sequencing tailored to YOU.

Ready to take the next step?

Thank you so much!

Yesterday I hit a fully extended 45 second handstand in the middle of the room - thank you so much!


I definitely feel stronger

I definitely feel stronger and there's been a mental shift too - I finally believe I can do it!


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My flexibility has improved...

My flexibility has improved, there’s been progression overall no matter what, even on ‘off’ days.