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Be a Badass Yoga Teacher: the Yoga Badass Teacher's Mentorship - a Method for Change

So, you want to learn HOW to feel confident teaching yoga? Join me in this wildly popular program!

The Yoga Badass Teachers Mentorship Program is a 6-month intensive course that will give you a super deep-dive into the Method that has consistently and beautifully supported many yoga professionals and busy yogis looking to take their practices to a new level.

In this intensive course, you will practice and learn:

  1. The Ashtanga Tradition and it's foundational depth,

  2. How the Ashtanga practice can offer support for other asanas & sequences, including 'research postures' that help us get from A to Z,

  3. Using the Ashtanga practice as a means for developing what YOU will teach,

  4. Intermediate and advanced yoga asana that has foundations everywhere we look,

  5. Sincere CONFIDENCE and STRENGTH in your own practice and how you teach yoga.

The Yoga Badass Teacher Mentorship Program is truly a Method you can take off the mat. It develops yogis and yoginis into more serious thinkers and leaders by building confidence and courage to push the needle forward in their lives. By working through the lens of the Ashtanga tradition, the yoga student learns how to teach by example, using grounding techniques and implementable strategies for success.

The Yoga Badass Teacher Mentorship Program is for you if:

  1. You are a recent graduate of a 200 hour YTT,

  2. You don't feel confident in your own practice, let alone teaching yoga,

  3. You never took a 200 hour YTT but desire a deepening of your own practice and lens on the world.

The Yoga Badass Teacher Mentorship Program is NOT for you if:

  1. You don't want to advance your own practice,

  2. You don't care about building strength, flexibility, or confidence as a yoga practitioner,

  3. You don't desire a deeper understanding of yoga,

  4. You don't wish to lead by example - ever.

Most yogis just dabble with classes - hey, we've all got to begin somewhere. I love trying new things too, don't get me wrong. But if you want a real practice that will truly change your life by building self-confidence, relieving stress, and creating a leader out of you, the Yoga Badass Teacher Mentorship Program is the next step.

Won't you join me?

Next session begins May 1, 2023.

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